meet our founder
Karey Rebello
Tax Resolution Expert, CEO, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Financial Planner

Karey is the CEO and founder of Tower Tax Relief LLC. Karey has more than 27 years’ experience as a Certified Public Accountant specializing in IRS Relief and Tax Strategy. Karey has dedicated her career to helping her clients achieve relief from the burden of IRS problems that, all too often, seem insurmountable. She is committed to standing with her clients through the IRS storm.

Karey earned a Bachelors in Accounting from University of South Florida in 1991 and became a Certified Public Accountant in 1993. In 2006, driven by a passion to invest more in her clients, Karey received her accreditation as a Certified Financial Planner. Karey is passionate about providing clients the tax relief strategies they need to live their best lives, free of worry and fear.

The Tower Tax LLC Mission
Your Protection is Our Priority

Our mission is the safety of every single person who comes to us for help.

We know how overwhelming tax debt can be. When the IRS is calling and the situation is getting worse by the day, it can feel as if there is no way out. That’s where we come in.

Tower Tax Relief LLC is your beacon of hope in the middle of the storm. We immediately put a stop to the penalties, take over all communication with the IRS, and rescue you from your tax trouble. Our team is extremely skilled in what we do, and we have the empathy to meet you where you are and make you feel safe. We’re like a family, and every client that comes to us becomes family too.

Our team
A Team That Cares for You

More than a team, we’re a family that will protect you from the horrors of tax debt. We will stand with you throughout the entire process and bring you to safety.

Catherine Gruen

Tax Resolution Expert, CPA

Jenny Weems

Client Relationship Expert

Neely Hensley

Tax Associate
Registered Tax Preparer
IRS Acceptance Agent

Alisa Chairez

Tax Associate
Registered Tax Preparer
IRS Acceptance Agent

From Fear to Relief
1. Reach Out

We provide a FREE “Shelter from the IRS Storm Relief Evaluation.” A seasoned member of our team will work with you one-on-one to evaluate your situation.

2. Protect

The protection of our clients is our number one priority. We will immediately contact the IRS on your behalf to STOP any current or imminent liens, levies or garnishments.

3. Strategy & Relief!

A Certified Public Accountant will analyze your IRS issue and implement a strategic action plan to achieve RELIEF from your IRS issue.

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